Lasting Weight Loss Tips

Episode 1 - Slimming Statement

​Have what you want to create (size, weight, shape, eating & exercise habits) written out as a statement and read it every day in the mirror. Watch the video and see below for more information.

Slimming Statement

Our mind will do exactly what it thinks in in our best interest and what we focus on we move towards so one of the ways I helped my mind know what I wanted and what was in my best interest was by having a 'Slimming Statement'.

I have mine by my bathroom mirror with a photo of myself at the smaller size I want to be. When I was weighing almost 90kgs I started reading it and it wasn't true and it felt weird at first. By doing this I dropped the weight and changed my eating habits and exercise behaviours. I really do love exercising now and I really do love my body (most of the time).

Download my example and adapt it to suit what you want. Use present tense as if it has happened already and use powerful I AM statements to create what you want.

Read it out loud as you look in the mirror and act it out if that feels right for you. The mind learns through repetition so the more you read it the more your mind will go "oh she says this so often it must be true" and then the body will follow.

Episode 2 - Pain & Pleasure

​We can link pain and pleasure to food to help us stop overeating. I had linked so much pleasure to chocolate, ice-cream and lollies that I gained a lot of weight whenever I was in any kind of pain - stress, emotional or physical.

Episode 3 - Pleasure & Exercise

I linked pleasure to exercise to help me drop excess weight and to go from being a couch potato to an ocean swimmer. I went from no exercise to now regularly swimming, dancing, running, hiking and even doing bootcamp on trampolines. I really do love exercise now.

Episode 4 - Choice

The mind likes choice. Choose to drop a dress/pant size, choose to see the numbers coming down on the scales, choose to be slim, fit & healthy instead of saying "I can't eat that, I'm not allowed sugar, I mustn't eat those foods".

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