Confidence Tips

These videos I created to help you build your confidence. If you apply these techniques repetitively you will feel more confident. The mind learns through repetition. Just like we had to learn our timetables over and over, we can also learn to be confident. Don't give up before the shift happens.

Episode 1 - The Mind Learns Through Repetition

Once I learned this I literally repeated things over and over until they became true for me. ​Yes I needed to have my own therapy sessions but my journey started with me learning how the mind worked and how what I think creates my reality.

Episode 2 - I Am Enough Mirror Work

I used mirror work to help move me from Fear to Freedom. Yes I needed to have RTT sessions to get to the root cause of the anxiety but repeating positive affirmations went hand in hand with the subconscious hypnotic work. The two combined is what really shifted my old beliefs and helped free me of crippling anxiety.

Episode 3 - Shower Statements

This video shows how I used what I call my Shower Statements to help move me from Fear to Freedom. Basically I use my shower time to repeat positive affirmations about what I want to experience in my life. ​

Episode 4 - Objections to I Am Enough

This video shows how your mind may object to believing "I Am Enough." I bring the objections into my I Am Enough work in a simple way​ but you can get more creative as outlined in the pdf.

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