Client Case Studies

These videos, created after client sessions, outline how I have empowered people to transform their lives and be free of their issues. I briefly explain the client issue, what came up for them in the session, how we resolved it and how they are doing after. Some details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Freedom from Anxiety

In this video I share how I helped a lady overcome severe anxiety. She saw that as a child she needed love and attention and she got that by being sick. As an adult anxiety was her way of getting her love and attention when the childhood illnesses no longer worked.

Freedom to Exercise & Reduce Weight

This lady needed help to reduce excess weight due to overeating and a lack of exercise. ​Now she has upgraded her childhood beliefs she eats healthy 90% of the time and exercises regularly in ways that are fun for her.

Freedom from Anxiety & Embarrassment

In this video I share how I helped a man overcome his anxiety which was linked to embarrassment. As an adult he can handle some embarrassment but as a child it felt so overwhelming he couldn't cope. Now he is free he is taking more action at work and going on adventures as he puts himself out there.

Freedom to be More Confident

In this video I share how having conflicting beliefs of "I'm not good enough" and "I'm too good" caused this lady to lack confidence in herself and her abilities. She is now stepping out of her comfort zone and living a more confident life and living the life she always wanted to live.

Freedom from Overeating and Excess Weight

In this video I share how a client used food to suppress and repress her feelings. ​To be free this lady needed to learn how to feel and express ALL of her feelings and to know that she can't please everyone.

Freedom from Anxiety

This video shares how I helped a man overcome anxiety. He felt powerless and helpless and this had created feelings of being alone and awkward. It really manifested in social situations. We upgraded his childhood beliefs and there's no need for him to be afraid anymore.

Freedom from Procrastination

In this video I share how the fear of making mistakes and not being perfect caused procrastination in this client. We upgraded his beliefs to "I can do it, it's ok to make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, my work and my best is good enough, I am not a mistake if I make a mistake!"

Freedom from Alcohol

This video outlines how I helped free a woman from excess drinking and the beliefs that were causing the drinking. For example - alcohol pushes down feelings AND alcohol lets out the pain and is a good excuse to cry.

Freedom from Overeating

I share how I helped a lady drop 15kg after two therapy sessions. She was overeating due to beliefs that food comforted her and took away 'bad' feelings like sadness or anger. She now has a normal healthy diet and loves to exercise. She comforts herself in healthier ways instead of eating.

Freedom from Anxiety & Workaholism

This video shares how I helped an online client from America to overcome his anxiety which was linked to workaholism. He is now learning to seek help at work and at home. He is implementing new ways of being. He can now spend time with his family and have fun and not just work, work, work.

Freedom from Smoking

This video outlines how I helped free a woman from smoking. It outlines the scenes she went to in her past where her mind decided that smoking was a good thing. See her feedback on my testimonials page.

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