Speaking and Podcasts

I help others transform their lives through my work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. Listen below to some of the podcasts I have featured on.

As a passionate speaker I can cover a range of topics that will leave your audience inspired, motivated and ready to take action to transform!

I’ve overcome alcoholism, drugs, low self-confidence, overeating and excess weight, anxiety and panic attacks and was single for 11 years before transforming my life and now being in a loving relationship since August 2018.

I can share my experience on any of those areas plus I can share how to use the power of the mind to transform your life.

I am available to speak as a podcast guest, or at events both live and online.

The Mental Health & Wellness Show

Tomi Mitchell, an MD turned Mental Health Coach, and I discuss how I conquered a multitude of personal challenges and am now helping others break free from the shackles of self-limiting beliefs.

Key Takeaways:Tips to challenge negative thinking and how use the power of your mind to create healthy habits.

Soul Seeker Sisterhood

I share with Verity Joy of The Soul Seeker Sisterhood Podcast my unique approach to helping people rewire their brains and overcome mental blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs. We talk about the power of the subconscious mind and how it gets in the way of changes we want to make using examples from my own and my clients lives.

360 Wisdom Speaks

A great chat with Nicole and Beverly on the Wisdom Speaks Podcast about RTT and my journey in changing my own beliefs and helping others change theirs.

Authentic Healthpreneurs

Interested to find out how I became a Transformational Therapist? Want to know how I moved from the corporate world to running my own therapy business? Then this is the podcast to listen to!! I share my journey and how I got to where I am now.

The Recovery Project

Richie Barnett & Mel Abbott interviewed me about how I dropped 42 kilos & kept it off by dealing with my self-esteem issues, changing my beliefs about myself, food and exercise, and the self-talk that was causing me to comfort eat. This story is about how to shift your thinking and beliefs to create the version of yourself that you always wanted to be.

Sexy Biz Babe

Warning! Sexual content! I’m really putting myself out there in this podcast! I talk to Tia Lynn of Sexy Biz Babe about how to Heal Sexual Blocks with Hypnotherapy for Better Orgasms. I share my story of overcoming sexual blocks and how I use RTT to help other women in this area.

Just Minding My Business

A great chat with two lovely ladies about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and RTT. I explain how hypnotherapy is for healing not humiliation (like stage hypnosis where people cluck like chickens & bark like dogs).

Bold Enough

Warning! Drugs & Alcohol content may disturb some people. I chat with Neha about my journey with alcoholism and anxiety and what has helped me overcome these issues.

We dive into what has helped us both overcome challenges and how RTT can help.

The Natural High

What we discuss during this interview is about human beings: our unconscious minds, our common foibles, obstacles, challenges and the adversity or trauma which can hold us back. I talk about how I used the adversity in my life as a springboard to make changes, not only to improve my own outlook and circumstances, but to help others through their addictions and the obstacles to their happiness, fulfilment and to reaching their potential.

Kiwis in Business

I share with Linda of Kiwis in Business my personal journey that led me to create a business helping others transform their lives through my work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Dawn Breaks

Harriet and I dive deep into emotional behaviour and addictions talking about how we compensate for our emotional needs using addictive substances. I share what I discovered whilst I hit a rock bottom point on my 40th birthday which led me to transform my life - literally from the inside out!

Unpacking Mental Health

I talk with Jenna Brown about what life is like 20 years on from giving up drugs and alcohol, why I had to stop, and the panic attacks and food-related issues that followed. We discuss how I discovered life-changing RTT and am now helping others to overcome their challenges.

Conversations with Sarah

I join Sarah on her podcast to talk about Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy. I share my own healing journey and how I use RTT to support myself & my clients

Marc My Words

I discuss With Marc Schmidt how I overcame several different obstacles throughout my life, including imposter syndrome, in order to find health and balance. I share my story of binge watching Marisa Peer videos on Youtube and how I was inspired to create a vision board. This inspired me to transition to the next phase of my life as a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I also provide a good explanation on what hypnosis really is and how it can help.

Radiant Woman

With Tarisha I discuss the root of women’s challenges as it comes to body image & self-love. The differences between inside & outside – how I feel inside & how I present myself to the world. And the magic of Rapid Transformational Therapy that can shift your lived experience in just 1 to 3 sessions.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist

Member – International Institute for Complementary Therapists



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